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BMW X5: Compression Testing

In order for an engine to run smoothly and efficiently, the combustion chamber must be free of leakage. An engine with low compression in one or more cylinders is inefficient and will run rough or lack in performance.

Low compression may or may not cause the MIL to illuminate.

Low compression can be caused by the following:

Compression testing can be performed using a conventional compression gauge. There are some preliminary tasks and safety precautions that must be carried out before starting the compression test:

Cylinder Leakage Testing

Once a problem cylinder is detected via a compression test or by other means, a cylinder leakage test is used to pinpoint the problem area.

The leakage test uses a gauge and compressed air to indicate the percentage of air loss. By listening and observing at key points, the problem can be narrowed down before the engine needs to be disassembled.

The piston (one or more) should be brought to TDC, compressed air should be introduced into the cylinder using the cylinder leakage tester. Be sure the engine does NOT rotate, if the engine rotates, the engine was not at true TDC.

Check the gauge on the tester, it should read in percentage of leakage. Check the engine specification for permissible leakdown. A general rule of thumb is 15 % or less for a good cylinder. However, some engine have a tighter tolerance. Most BMW engines should be at 8 % or less.

Engine Diagnosis
Fig. 3: Testing Cylinder Leakage

If any cylinder shows excessive leakdown, check for leakage by listening or observing the following points:


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