BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Bonding Steel Parts

IMPORTANT: Conform with safety precautions !

Overview of topics:

  1. Equipment
  2. Expiry date of adhesive
  3. Grinding and cleaning
  4. Gluing coat
  5. Hardening times
  6. After treatment of bonding surfaces
  7. Disposing of adhesive

1.0 Equipment

2.0 Expiry date of adhesive:

3.0 Grinding and cleaning:

4.0 Adhesive application:

5.0 Hardening times:

The hardening time is:

6.0 After treatment of bonding surfaces:

7.0 Disposing of adhesive:

These regulations apply to the Federal Republic of Germany.

For other countries, comply with the (possibly differing) nationally applicable regulations.


 Corrosion Protection

NOTE: Following repairs, the corrosion protection work already begins with the correct removal of the PVC undercoating, antinoise compound and seam seals. 1.0 Removing sealing materials: IMPORTANT:

 Frame Alignment Control Dimensions, Body

Dimensions in mm. Measurement tolerances: < or = 1000 mm +- 1.5 mm > or = 1000 mm +- 2.5 mm The control points shown serve to check the body and the straightening attachment. The specifie

 Gap Dimensions, Body

The dimensions specified in this document are applicable at an object temperature of 20ºC. The aim of adjustment is to achieve a uniform join. Symmetry of the gaps between left and right sides of t


 Front/Rear cup holder

Front cup holder Safety information Warning Unsuitable containers in the cup holders may damage the cup holders or be thrown about the car's interior in the event of an accident, an evasive maneuver, or forceful braking. Spilled liquids can distract from the traffic conditions and lead to an acciden

 Crimping Stop Parts

Special tools required: 12 1 080 12 1 081 12 1 083 Spare parts for in-car electronics (housing and contacts): Crimping butt connectors and contact sleeves for fan connectors up to 2.5 mm2 Crimping butt connectors and contact sleeves for fan connectors from 2.5 mm2 Crimping contact sleev

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