BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: 3Rd Seat Row


 Removing And Installing All Ventilation Grilles On Centre Console

Version with rear cabin fan only: Unclip ventilation grille (1). Unclip operating unit (1). Unclip lever (1) from operating unit. Unclip air outlet grille (1) on left and right with plastic wedge.

 Removing And Installing/Replacing Centre Console For 3Rd Seat Row

Release screws (1). Remove centre console (1) towards top. Installation: Feed centre console (1) with guides into trim (2). Version with rear cabin fan only: Unclip ventilation grille (1). Unclip o

 Removing And Installing/Replacing Seat Cover For Left Or Right Rear Seat

Special tools required: 52 0 050 Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove front trim. Open tension cable (1). Disengage welt (2) from seat frame. Disengage tensioning cable over wire eyelets. Remo


 Exhaust Manifold

REMOVING AND INSTALLING/REPLACING RIGHT EXHAUST MANIFOLD (N62TU) Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove exhaust system. Remove right control sensor. Remove right monitor sensor. Remove right engine support arm. For purposes of clarity, illustration shows and description refers to the removed en

 Replacing Rear Cover Gasket On Rear Differential (188K)

IMPORTANT: To avoid leaks from the rear differential cover, do not use a paper gasket in cars with liquid gaskets! To prevent the differential oil from foaming over, make sure that no remnants of the liquid gasket are pressed into the rear differential housing. Release screws (1). Tightening torqu

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