BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Wheel And Tires



 Checking Front And Rear Wheel For Face And Radial Runout

Special tools required: 36 1 030 Necessary preliminary tasks: Check wheel bearings Lift vehicle. Check wheel with special tool 36 1 030 (measuring fixture) for lateral runout. If applicable, r

 Stationary Wheel Balancing

Special tools required: 36 1 010 36 1 020 Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove wheel IMPORTANT: Use only BMW-approved balance weights. Remove any fitted balancing weights, stones in tread patter


 Insert Holder For CIGA

REMOVING AND INSTALLING/REPLACING POWER SOCKET IN STORAGE COMPARTMENT Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove rear center console trim. Unlock plug connection (1) and remove. Press switch trim (2) out of rear center console trim (3). Fig. 227: Pressing Switch Trim Out Of Rear Center Console Trim Pr

 Checking And If Necessary Correcting Oil Cooler Line (N52K)

IMPORTANT: Danger of scalding! Only perform this work after engine has cooled down. Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove underbody protection. Recycling Transmission fluid emerges when oil lines are detached from heat exchanger. Catch and dispose of escaping transmission fluid. Observe country-

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