BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Tires


 Replacing A Tire

Refer to the operating manual of the relevant fitting equipment manufacturer for details on how to fit the tire correctly. However, it is essential to make sure that the equipment is in proper worki

 Replacing A Runflat Tire

Special tools required: 36 1 091 36 1 092 36 1 093 36 1 094 36 1 095 36 1 098 Follow the fitting machine manufacturer's operating instructions. It is absolutely essential to ensure that the e

 System Wiring Diagrams

ANTI-THEFT Fig. 1: Access/Start Circuit (1 of 3) Fig. 2: Access/Start Circuit (2 of 3) Fig. 3: Access/Start Circuit (3 of 3) Fig. 4: Anti-theft & Central Locking Circuit (1 of 2) Fig. 5: Anti


 Vehicle tool kit

The onboard vehicle tool kit is located under the cargo floor panel. Wiper blades Safety information NOTICE The window may sustain damage if the wiper falls onto it without the wiper blade installed. There is a risk of damage to property, among other potential damage. Hold the wiper firmly when ch

 Removing And Installing/Sealing Left Cylinder Head Cover (N62/N62TU)

(cylinder bank 5 to 8) Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove design cover, if equipped. Unfasten acoustic cover screws. Raise acoustic cover and remove towards front. Remove ignition coil cover NOTE: For purposes of clarity, the following work steps are shown on the engine after it has been re

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