BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Vibration Damper


Necessary preliminary tasks:

Release bolts and remove vibration damper (1).

Vibration Damper
Fig. 149: Locating Vibration Damper And Bolts


Vibration damper is secured on hub with an alignment pin (4).

Vibration Damper
Fig. 150: Identifying Vibration Damper On Hub With Alignment Pin


Fit bore (2) in vibration damper (1) on alignment pin in hub.

Fit disk (3).

Replace screws.

Tightening torque 11 23 3AZ.

Vibration Damper
Fig. 151: Identifying Vibration Damper And Disk


Special tools required:

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Screw special tool 11 9 451 in conjunction with special tool 11 9 452 to vibration damper hub and to oil sump.

Release central bolt (1).

Remove special tools.

Remove hub for vibration damper.

Vibration Damper
Fig. 152: Identifying Special Tool (11 9 451) And (11 9 452)


Check vibration damper hub and radial seal, replace if necessary.

Align groove in vibration damper hub to parallel key and install vibration damper hub.

Replace central bolt (1).

Tighten down central bolt (1) to joining torque.

Tightening torque 11 23 2AZ.


Fit special tool 11 3 460 on special tool 11 9 451.

NOTE: Special tool 11 3 460 is magnetic.

Vibration Damper
Fig. 153: Identifying Special Tool (11 3 460), (11 3 454) And (11 9 451)


Select 0º position and secure special tool 11 9 453 with clamping screw on socket (special tool 11 9 454 ).

Tighten the central screw with torsion angle.

Tightening torque 11 23 2AZ.

Vibration Damper
Fig. 154: Identifying Special Tool (11 3 460) And (11 9 453)

Assemble engine.


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