BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Safety Instructions For Handling Oil

WARNING: Danger of poisoning if oil is ingested/absorbed through the skin! Risk of injury if oil comes into contact with eyes and skin!


Observe country-specific waste-disposal regulations.

Measures if oil is unintentionally released:

NOTE: Do not flush oil away with water or aqueous cleaning agents.


IMPORTANT: Observe the following trolley-jack-related instructions:

  1. Use only BMW-distributed/approved trolley jacks which have rubber plate contact points.
  2. Trolley jacks must be regularly serviced and always checked for functional reliability before they are used!
  3. Check the rubber plate on the trolley jack prior to each use, replacing if necessary.

Electronic Chassis Alignment
Fig. 1: Identifying Trolley Jack

WARNING: The vehicle may be raised with a trolley jack only at the following jacking points!

  1. Car jacking point
  2. Side car jacking points
  3. Rear differential
    Risk of damage: It is not permitted to raise the vehicle at the rear differential cover!

Electronic Chassis Alignment
Fig. 2: Identifying Car Jacking Point, Side Car Jacking Points And Rear Differential


 Front Axle + Steering: Wheel/Chassis Alignment Check Must Be Carried Out After The Following Work

Fig. 3: Identifying Front Axle Components A wheel/chassis alignment check must be carried out after the following work: Release of following screw/bolt connections: Steering gear to front axle ca

 Additional Work For Camber Correction

IMPORTANT: Changes in axle geometry caused by accidents must under no circumstances be rectified by camber adjustment! NOTE: The upper control arm may only be replaced if the camber is outside the s

 Information On Replacing Steering Gear After Accident Damage

Facts: In the event of accidents or driving conditions similar to accidents, shocklike loads can cause different types of damage to steering gears. When a steering gear is externally undamaged, it is


 Wheel Bearings

REPLACING DRIVE FLANGE ON LEFT/RIGHT REAR AXLE SHAFT Special tools required: 33 2 116 33 2 160 33 2 201 33 4 200 Remove rear wheel. IMPORTANT: Expand turning lock sufficiently to avoid damaging thread when releasing collar nut. Release collar nut (1), activate parking brake for this purpose.

 Removing/Replacing Knock Sensors (N52, N52K, N51)

IMPORTANT: Aluminum-magnesium materials. No steel screws/bolts may be used due to the threat of electrochemical corrosion. A magnesium crankcase requires aluminum screws/bolts exclusively. Aluminum screws/bolts must be replaced each time they are released. The end faces of aluminum screws/bolts

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