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BMW X5: Replacing Shaft Seal(s) For Output Shaft(s), Rear Axle Differential

BMW X5 (G05) 2019-2024 Service & Repair Manual / Rear Axle / Final Drive With Cover / Replacing Shaft Seal(s) For Output Shaft(s), Rear Axle Differential

Special tools required:

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Withdraw shaft seal with special tools 00 5 010 and 32 1 060 / 33 1 308.

Rear Axle
Fig. 30: Identifying Special Tools (00 5 010 ), (32 1 060) And (33 1 308)

Installing new shaft seal:

NOTE: The installation protective ring (1) serves to protect the sealing lips on shaft seal (2) when the output shaft is being installed.

Rear Axle
Fig. 31: Identifying Protective Ring And Shaft Seal

IMPORTANT: Installation protective ring must not slip out of shaft seal!

Coat housing plate flange of shaft seal with approved rear differential oil.

Drive in shaft seal as far as it will go with following special tool (s) (depending on rear differential /outside diameter).

33 5 130: 188K/L/LW - 90x44x10

33 5 140: 215L/LW - 100x50x10

Carefully remove special tool.

Open installation protective ring (1).

Rear Axle
Fig. 32: Identifying Protective Ring And Special Tools

After installation:


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