BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Bonding Aluminum Parts

IMPORTANT: Conform with safety precautions!

Overview of topics:

  1. Equipment
  2. Best before date of consumables
  3. Grinding and cleaning
  4. Flame-coating
  5. Primer coat
  6. Gluing coat
  7. Hardening times
  8. Disposing of adhesive

1.0 Equipment

2.0 Best before date of consumables:

3.0 Grinding and cleaning:

4.0 Flame-coating:

5.0 Primer application:

6.0 Adhesive application:

6.1 Bonding in conjunction with repair parts (clamping pieces):

6.2 Bonding in conjunction with rivets:

7.0 Hardening times:

Hardened adhesive can only be removed by machine.

8.0 Disposing of adhesive:

These regulations apply to the Federal Republic of Germany.

For other countries, comply with the (possibly differing) nationally applicable regulations.


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