BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Torque Converter


Special tools required:

IMPORTANT: After completion of work, check transmission fluid level. Use only approved transmission oil. See AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION - OPERATING FLUIDS.

Failure to comply with this instruction will result in serious damage to the transmission.

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Screw special tool 24 4 000 into torque converter.

Remove torque converter.

NOTE: When torque converter is removed, transmission oil flows out.

Torque Converter
Fig. 70: Identifying Special Tool (24 4 000)


When installing, do not damage shaft seal and bearing.

If the torque converter is not correctly installed, the driver of the pump impeller may be damaged when the transmission is flanged to the engine.

Remove torque converter and set down vertically.

Torque Converter
Fig. 71: Removing Torque Converter


Push torque converter through shaft seal onto transmission shaft as far as it will go.

Press torque converter by hand into converter housing and turn in the process. Converter hub opening must snap into place in driver of pump impeller. Torque converter must be felt to slip inwards.

Determine distance between contact surface and surface (1) of tapped hole in torque converter with special tool 00 2 550.

NOTE: Measured value must be greater than 25 mm.

Torque Converter
Fig. 72: Identifying Torque Converter With Special Tool (00 2 550)


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