BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Seat Belts


 Safety Precautions And General Information

Safety instructions --> Safety regulations for handling airbag modules, airbag components and pyrotechnical seat belt tensioners. --> Deactivation/activation pyrotechnical components. Handling

 Removing And Installing/Replacing Front Left Or Right Seat Belt

Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove trim panels for door pillar. If necessary, remove air vent. Move front seat upwards. Release screw (1) on front seat. Installation: Replace screw. Tightening

 Removing And Installing/Replacing Rear Left Or Right Seat Belt

Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove rear seat. Version with 3rd seat row only: Fold rear seat forwards Remove adapter plate. Release screw (1) on end fitting. Installation: Replace screw. T


 Storage compartments, Front passenger side glove compartment

Storage compartments General information The vehicle interior contains multiple storage compartments for stowing objects. Safety information Warning Loose objects or devices with a cable connection to the vehicle, for instance mobile phones, can be thrown about the car's interior while driving, for

 Removing And Installing Left Or Right Front Seat

Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove front head restraint. WARNING: Read and comply with safety regulations for handling airbag modules and pyrotechnical belt pretensioners. Improper handling can lead to triggering of the pyrotechnical seat belt pretensioner or side airbag, resulting in injuries.

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