BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Safety At Work

1.1 Working with aluminum dust:

1.2 Removing sealing materials

1.3 Arc welding and brazing:

IMPORTANT: The extremely bright arc during welding may cause serious injury to the eyes if appropriate protective measures are not taken.

*Sourcing reference: refer to WORKSHOP EQUIPMENT PLANNING CD.

1.4 Working with adhesive products (adhesives, cleaning agents, primers etc.):

IMPORTANT: Handling adhesives can trigger off allergic skin and breathing reaction

First Aid:

In the event of eye contact, flush immediately with running water for approx. 10-15 minutes and, if necessary, visit eye specialist.

In the event of skin contact and where applicable an allergic skin reaction, clean the affected areas immediately with soap and water and then apply silicone-free skin cream. If necessary, consult a doctor.

If an adhesive product is swallowed, rinse mouth/parts of mouth thoroughly with running water. Drink 1-2 glasses of water. Do not induce vomiting. Consult a doctor.

If adhesive fumes are inhaled, ensure a constant supply of fresh air, keep calm, keep respiratory tracts unobstructed and consult a doctor.


IMPORTANT: Comply with the following topics from "Body, General": Safety regulations.

Handling electrical/electronic equipment, airbags and restraint systems.

Welding steel parts.

CAUTION: Extract smoke and fumes during welding work.


 Stamping Vehicle Identification Number

Special tools required: 41 0 000 41 1 190 41 1 191 41 1 192 NOTE: If the stamped vehicle identification number is removed during repair work, it must be stamped in again. Read and comply with

 Straightening Aluminum Parts

1.0 Recommended tools Use only those tools specially intended for aluminum repairs. Do not use any tools that have already been used for steel repairs (contact corrosion). Do not use any sharp-e

 Straightening Steel Parts

1.0 Recommended tools Only use those tools designed for steel repairs. 2.0 Straightening outer shell "Cold" straightening: Press dents out from their center and smooth in an inwards direction with


 Bonding Aluminum Parts

IMPORTANT: Conform with safety precautions! Overview of topics: Equipment Best before date of consumables Grinding and cleaning Flame-coating Primer coat Gluing coat Hardening times Disposing of adhesive 1.0 Equipment Emery paper Cleaning agent: Isopropyl, acetone or spirit Brush, cott

 Front Lid

REMOVING AND INSTALLING HOOD/BONNET WARNING: Danger of injury! Support engine hood in fully opened position with suitable apparatus. IMPORTANT: Removal of the hood/bonnet must be carried out with the assistance of a second person. NOTE: Carry over schematic representation to the relevant vehicle ty

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