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BMW X5: Replacing Rubber Mounts On Both Tension Struts

BMW X5 (G05) 2019-2023 Service & Repair Manual / Front Axle / Struts W. Rubber Mounts / Replacing Rubber Mounts On Both Tension Struts

Special tools required:

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Using a press and special tools 33 3 322 and 31 3 032 , press rubber mount out of tension strut.

NOTE: Special tool 33 3 322 must be exactly flush with rubber mount bushing.

Front Axle
Fig. 56: Identifying Special Tool (33 3 322)


Keep rubber mount and bushing in tension strut clean and free from grease.

Align rubber mounts to each other using markings and press in. The deviation (A) must not exceed +- 5º.

Front Axle
Fig. 57: Aligning Rubber Mounts Using Markings


Protrusion (A) equally large.

Front Axle
Fig. 58: Identifying Protrusion


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