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BMW X5: Front Lid


WARNING: Danger of injury! Support engine hood in fully opened position with suitable apparatus.

IMPORTANT: Removal of the hood/bonnet must be carried out with the assistance of a second person.

NOTE: Carry over schematic representation to the relevant vehicle type.

Release nuts (1).

Remove hood lid.


Install engine hood at screw locations to on hinge. This dispenses with the need for adjustment after installation.

If this is not possible, adjust engine hood.

Front Lid
Fig. 223: Identifying Nuts


IMPORTANT: Do not damage adjoining body parts.

Minor corrections (realignment work) are permitted if the existing adjustment options are not sufficient.

NOTE: Observe gap dimensions. Carry over schematic representation to the relevant vehicle type.

Slacken nuts (1) of hinges on left and right.

Hood lid must be able to be moved.

NOTE: If the adjustment range is not sufficient, release retaining screws of engine hood hinge on body and move hinge.

Front Lid
Fig. 224: Identifying Nuts

Retaining hooks must snap into place in locks.

Adjust engine hood.

NOTE: Vertical adjustment of engine hood to side panel by means of stop pads.

Front Lid
Fig. 225: Identifying Retaining Hooks

NOTE: Adjust height of hood/bonnet to front bumper by turning nuts (1) on retaining hooks.

Front Lid
Fig. 226: Identifying Nuts On Retaining Hooks

If adjustment is necessary, remove front grille.

Do not slacken nut (2).

Adjust hood/bonnet by turning spacers (1) on both sides.

Front Lid
Fig. 227: Identifying Nut And Spacers

IMPORTANT: Check function of retaining hook.

After installation:


 Rear Lid

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 Replacing Level Switch For Dynamic Drive Fluid Reservoir

Unscrew nuts. Remove shims. Installation: Replace self-locking nuts. Fig. 162: Locating Nuts NOTE: Raise and/or turn fluid reservoir in order to gain better access to plug connection. Disconnect plug connection (1). Turn level switch (2) through approx. 45º and remove towards bottom. Fig. 163:

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