BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Contents Of Body, General

General information -> Quality standard.

-> Workshop equipment.

Safety regulations -> Safety at work.

-> Information on hazards.

-> Information on vehicle protection.

Materials -> Materials science.

-> Use of materials in outer shell.

Handling electrical/electronic equipment, airbags and restraint systems -> Handling electrical and electronic circuitry equipment and optical fibres.

-> Handling airbags and restraint systems.

Body dimensions -> Frame dimensions.

-> Gap dimensions.

Cavity bulkhead -> Installation of shaped parts.

-> Position of shaped parts.

Vehicle identification number -> Vehicle identification number, general.

-> Stamping vehicle identification number.

Repair techniques -> Straightening -> Straightening aluminum parts.

-> Straightening steel parts. -> Grinding -> Grinding aluminum parts. -> Grinding steel parts.

-> Welding and soldering steel parts.

-> Opening weld joints

-> Bonding -> Bonding aluminum parts.

-> Bonding steel parts.

-> -> Spot-weld bonding steel parts.

-> Opening adhesive bonds.

-> Riveting -> Riveting aluminum parts.

-> Riveting steel parts.

-> Repair elements ->Steel thread repairs.

NOTES ON REPAIRING THREADS> Corrosion protection.

Painting -> General Information.

-> Information / warning labels.

-> Sectional painting.


 Bonding Aluminum Parts

IMPORTANT: Conform with safety precautions! Overview of topics: Equipment Best before date of consumables Grinding and cleaning Flame-coating Primer coat Gluing coat Hardening times Disposing

 Bonding Steel Parts

IMPORTANT: Conform with safety precautions ! Overview of topics: Equipment Expiry date of adhesive Grinding and cleaning Gluing coat Hardening times After treatment of bonding surfaces Disposi

 Corrosion Protection

NOTE: Following repairs, the corrosion protection work already begins with the correct removal of the PVC undercoating, antinoise compound and seam seals. 1.0 Removing sealing materials: IMPORTANT:


 Instructions For Opening And Replacing Parts In Refrigerant Circuit

WARNING: Avoid contact with refrigerant and refrigerant oil Follow safety instructions for handling R 134a refrigerant. Follow safety instructions for handling refrigerant oil. CAUTION: Always use new O-rings each time A/C connections are opened. Moisten O-rings with refrigerant oil

 Replacing Radial Seal For Drive Flange Of Front Differential

Special tools required: 23 0 020 31 5 130 33 1 150 Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove reinforcement plate. Mark position of nut with respect to shaft with punch marks (arrow). Lever out lockplate (1) with a suitable tool. Fig. 107: Locating Lockplate IMPORTANT: Risk of damage! Do not plac

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