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BMW X5: Vehicle Care


 Washing the vehicle

General information Regularly remove foreign objects such as leaves in the area below the windshield when the hood is raised. Wash your vehicle frequently, particularly in winter. Intense contaminat

 Vehicle care

Vehicle care products General information BMW recommends using vehicle care and cleaning products from BMW. Suitable vehicle care products are available from a dealer's service center or another quali

 BMW X5 (G05) 2019-2022 Service & Repair Manual

Service Manual for Fourth generation (G05) BMW X5, a a mid-size luxury SUV, model years 2019-2022. The new BMW X5 is being launched with a choice of two petrol and two diesel representatives from the


 Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature Gauge

REMOVING AND INSTALLING/REPLACING OIL PRESSURE SWITCH (N62, N62TU) Necessary preliminary tasks: Switch off ignition E65/E66 only: Remove intake filter housing E53 only: Remove intake hood with air intake hose WARNING: Scalding hazard! Only perform this task on an engine that has cooled down. In

 Climate control

Automatic climate control Temperature. Maximum cooling. AUTO program. Air recirculation mode. Air flow, manual. Intensity AUTO program. Air distribution, manual. Defrost function. Rear window defroster. Active seat ventilation. Seat and armrest heating. Air conditioning. Opening the Climate menu.

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