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BMW X5: Tire pressure monitor


The Tire Pressure Monitor monitors the tire pressure and issues a warning if the tire pressure has dropped.

General information

Sensors in the tire valves measure the tire inflation pressure and tire temperature.

Using the tire settings in iDrive, the system can automatically compare the predefined target pressures with the actual tire inflation pressures.

If tires are being used that are not specified on the tire inflation pressure details on the vehicle, such as tires with special approval, the system needs to be actively reset. The system will then take over the actual tire inflation pressures as the target pressures.

When operating the system, also note the information found in the Tire inflation pressure chapter.

Additional information: Tire inflation pressure.

Safety information


The display of the target pressures is not a substitute for the tire inflation pressure details on the vehicle. Incorrect entries in the tire settings can lead to incorrect target tire inflation pressure values. In this case, it cannot be guaranteed that the notification of a tire pressure loss will be reliable. There is a risk of injury and risk of damage to property. Ensure that the tire sizes of the mounted tires are displayed correctly and match the details on the tires and on the vehicle.

Functional requirements

The following conditions must be met for the system; otherwise, reliable message of a tire pressure loss is not assured:

Tire settings

General information

The tire sizes of the mounted tires can be gathered from the tire inflation pressure details on the vehicle or directly on the tires.

The tire details do not need to be re-entered when the tire pressure is corrected.

For summer and winter tires, the tire details entered last are stored. After a tire or wheel replacement, the settings of the tire sets used last can be selected.

Changing settings

1. "CAR".

2. "Vehicle status".

3. "Tire Pressure Monitor".

4. "Tire settings".

5. "Tire selection".

6. "Manual".

7. "Tire type".

8. Select the tire type that is mounted on the rear axle.

For tires with special approval: "Other tires".

Observe further proceeding in the perform a reset section.

9. Select the maximum road speed that will be used with the tires.

10."Save tire settings"

The measurement of the current tire inflation pressure is started. The measurement progress is displayed.

Status display

Current status

The system status can be displayed on the Control Display, e.g., whether or not the system is active.

1. "CAR".

2. "Vehicle status".

3. "Tire Pressure Monitor".

The current status is displayed.

Current tire pressure

The current tire pressure is displayed for each tire.

The current tire inflation pressures may change during driving or depending on the outside temperature.

Current tire temperature

Depending on the model, the current tire temperatures are displayed.

The current tire temperatures may change while driving or due to the outside temperature.

Target pressure

The target pressure for the tires on the front and rear axles is displayed.

The specified target pressures take the influence of driving and outside temperature on the tire temperature into account. The appropriate target pressure is always displayed, independent of the weather situation, tire temperatures and travel times.

The displayed target pressure may change and may differ from the tire inflation pressure details on the door pillar of the driver's door. The tire inflation pressure can thus be corrected to the value of the displayed target pressures.

The target pressure is immediately adjusted if the vehicle load status is changed in the tire settings.

Tire conditions

General information

Tire and system status are indicated by the color of the wheels and a text message on the Control Display.

Any existing messages may not be deleted if the target pressure is not reached after the tire inflation pressure is corrected.

All wheels green

One to four yellow wheels

A flat tire or major tire pressure loss has occurred in the indicated tires.

Gray wheels

It may not be possible to identify tire pressure losses.

Possible causes:

For tires with special approval: perform a reset

1. "CAR".

2. "Vehicle status".

3. "Tire Pressure Monitor".

4. Make sure that correct tire settings have been made.

5. Turn on drive-ready state and do not drive off.

6. Reset tire pressure: "Perform reset".

7. Drive away.

The wheels are displayed in gray and the following is displayed "Resetting tire pressure...".

After a travel time of several minutes, the set tire inflation pressures are accepted as the predefined tire inflation pressures. The reset is completed automatically while driving.

After a successfully completed reset, the wheels on the Control Display are shown in green and the following is displayed: "Reset successful." You may interrupt this trip at any time. When you continue the reset resumes automatically.


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